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[ John finds his son practicing with the rifle.]

Marston: You're tensing up.

Jack: I'm not!

Marston: You are. Your back's tense and it's making the rifle jump. You're holding it wrong. Here, let me show you.

Jack: I don't need you to show me, Pa.

Marston: I guess not.

Jack: You'll show me and you'll off again or something. It's better I teach myself.

Marston: I ain't going nowhere.

Jack: Whatever you say, Pa.

Marston: Don't be like that.

Jack: Sorry.

[They listen in the distance.]

Marston: Wolves have been after the herd. Got to get out there and scare them all. You wanna come with me? It's safer with two.

Jack: Okay.

Marston: Come on, the dog will soon sniff 'em out.

[They mount up.]

Jack: I can shoot. You know that. Why you gotta treat me like a kid?

Marston: It's what fathers do. I'm just tryin' to look out for you.

Jack: You can't just decide to be a father when it suits you. What about the rest of the time?

Marston: Come on, Jack. That ain't exactly fair.

Jack: One minute you're tellin' me to be a man, and the next you're tellin' me I'm just a boy.

Marston: It's gonna take awhile for things to get back to normal.

Jack: Normal? Was it ever normal?

Marston: I don't know, but it'll get better, son. I promise.

Jack: I'm sorry, Pa.

Marston: You don't need to be.

Jack: I don't mean to be moody. I'm glad you're home, I really am. It's just, every time you go off, well I worry you're not coming back.

Marston: I swear, if it was down to me, I'd never have gone anywhere.

Jack: They can't make you, can they?

Marston: It's complicated, but seems they can.

Jack: What was your father like?

Marston: I didn't really know him. He died when I was just a boy.

Jack: Died of what?

Marston: Why do you want to know?

Jack: Oh it just sounds like a good story, that's all.

Marston: Come on, he's picked up a scent!

[They follow Rufus .]

Jack: Pa, is Uncle really your uncle?

Marston: No, at least I sincerely hope not! He's probably lots of people's father, though.

Jack: Well why do you call him Uncle, then?

Marston: Folks always did. Probably 'cause he's always been older than everybody else.

Jack: He was old when I was a kid.

Marston: He was old when I was a kid, son. God must have had some purpose for keepin' him on this earth, but I sure as hell don't know what that is. Look, son! He's sniffed 'em out!

[John guns down the wolf pack.]

Marston: Come on, Rufus. Where are the others at, boy? Jack, they're up ahead!

[They take 'em out.]

Marston: That looks like all of them. Good work, Jack. Alright, we should head back now. We got out further than I thought.

[They head back.]

Marston: That was some good shooting, son.

Jack: So can I go out hunting by myself now?

Marston: Hold on there, cowboy. You ain't ready for that yet. One step at a time.

Jack: Oh please, Pa.

Marston: We'll go out again soon. Catch something nice for your Ma to cook.

Jack: You know, we could be outlaws, you and me!

Marston: All we did was kill a few wolves.

Jack: Well I read a book about a father and son who robbed banks. One-arm Willie, that was his name.

Marston: I'm happy with my two arms, if you don't mind.

Jack: Just imagine it though! John and Jack Marston, most wanted men in the West!

Marston: And what about your Ma?

Jack: Well, I mean we'd still come home.

Marston: You live in a dream world. It ain't like they tell it in books. And it ain't no way to live a life. It was ugly, and brutal.

Jack: Alright. Geez, I was only joking around.

Marston: You'll have a farm of your own. You can read and ride. Don't waste your life, son. Don't live like I had to.

[They arrive back home.]

Marston: You're turning into a decent hunter, son. But try to stay out of trouble.

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