Wyatt Driggers is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Wyatt works for the Railroad Company, as he works at the train station in Manzanita Post.


Wyatt is first seen during the mission "Exodus in America", in which he is intoxicated and stumbles out of the saloon in Armadillo.

Wyatt can most often be found at the train station in Manzanita Post. However, Wyatt has been known to frequent Plainview.


This is the year I go into town and put those rumors to rest!
Wyatt Driggers


  • Despite working at the train station, Wyatt does not wear the usual blue outfit seen on other employees.
  • Wyatt appears to share the same character head with Diarmuid O'Keefe and Bo Vickers. He also wears the same outfit as Coke Buckley, but without the kerchief around his neck.
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